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If you do not have a TFN but have applied through ATO, please write PENDING in this space

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If you have a health condition you are invited to discuss its relevance or otherwise for employment during the employment interview.


Have you been convicted of any offence in any court, in the last five years, or are you currently the subject of any charge pending before any court? If you have a conviction you will be given the opportunity to discuss the matter during the employment interview. Comment
If not, you will be required to apply for a National Police Check certificate.


I declare that all information submitted on this application form is correct and completed to the best of my knowledge and that should any statement on this application form be found to be misleading, if employed, I might be found liable for dismissal. I hereby consent to SSG to contacting referees nominated on this form. When you provide us personal information about other individuals we rely on you to have made them aware of this and that you have obtained their consent on these matters. You confirm that they have been advised of this and agree that we may contact them. Should your application be unsuccessful, you agree that we can retain the information you have supplied to us (and any additional information we obtain about you) for 3 months after which time this information will be destroyed by secure means.

If not, you will be required to apply for a National Police Check certificate.

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